Renters Insurance

What Is Renters Insurance?

Renters insurance is similar to a homeowners policy, but is designed to fit the needs of someone renting an apartment, home, condo or other type of property. A renters policy covers your personal property if it’s damaged by a covered event, like theft, fire or a storm. And it includes liability coverage for medical bills and lawsuits if a guest is accidentally injured in your apartment or home. It’ll even cover you for additional living expenses if your place becomes unlivable due to a covered event.

Whether at home, at work or traveling across the country, renters insurance has your back. Take a look at the benefits of having renters insurance for your apartment or home with American Family Insurance and gain peace of mind that you’re protecting everything that matters most.

How Much Does Apartment & Home Rental Insurance Cost?

Renters insurance doesn’t cost as much as you think. There are a number of factors — like location, the estimate of your possessions and added coverage — taken into account when determining your cost, so the price for renters insurance will be different for everyone. But for the most part a typical premium for renters insurance is usually less than the price of one dinner out with friends a month.

How much should you pay for renters insurance for your home or apartment?

Renters insurance is designed to help protect you financially from unexpected instances, so the cost of your renters insurance shouldn’t break the bank. On average, many people pay between $10-$20 a month for renters insurance. You may pay more if you add on coverages or increase your personal property or liability limits, but renters insurance is meant to be an affordable way to help you protect the things you work hard for.

Is it worth getting renters insurance?

We think so. Information is available in Sherz Property Management office on renters insurance or ask your insurance professional.

Consider all of your personal property, like clothing, electronics and furniture — your things add up quicker than you think! If the unexpected were to occur and you had to replace all of your belongings, would you have enough to cover the cost? Renters insurance is a smart, affordable way to help protect your pockets from potentially expensive unexpected events.

Snow Removal



If the tenant is responsible for snow removal…     This is to remind you of your responsibility to remove snow and ice from any location of your rental property; including, but not limited to walkways, driveways, and steps. Snow must be cleared within 24 hours of the snow fall stopping. If snow and ice are not removed properly or in a timely manner, Sherz will ensure that snow and ice are safely removed at the cost of the tenant. Any fines from the city will also be at the cost of the tenant.
If Sherz is responsible…    This is to inform you that an independent contractor will be providing the snow removal for your property this upcoming winter season.
They will only clear snow when snowfall exceeds two (2) inches. This does not mean that they will be at your home as soon as the snow reaches that depth. A normal snowfall of 2” or more during the evening or early morning hours should be cleared by mid-morning.  A normal snowfall during the day should be plowed by early evening. Because they may have numerous customers on their route, it may take several hours to complete it. During heavy snow it may take the better part of a day to complete a route and they may have to plow each home 2 or 3 times. The contractor may not be able to get to all the walks during the first plow. He or she may have to return later to complete the job.
Remember conditions vary from property to property. Some properties get a lot of drifted snow in certain areas.  The City plows sometimes push snow, slush, and ice from the streets on to drive aprons – unfortunately, this is usually done after the driveways are plowed. If drifting or City plowing makes the driveways difficult to navigate, call for assistance.  We will attempt to help you as soon as we can. However, we cannot control these factors and be everywhere at once.
Abnormal amounts of snow will be plowed as soon as possible. During the winter, there will be some inconveniences for everyone, please be patient.
Snowplows cannot and WILL NOT clear the drive down to the pavement. If they were to try, the drive would be damaged. Thus, there always is some snow or ice left behind, especially where snow has been packed by vehicle traffic before the plow arrives. The accumulation of snow and ice that remains after plowing is a natural accumulation. You are urged to take care and be mindful that slippery ice and snow may exist anytime temperatures drop below 40 degrees.
Drives cannot be completely plowed if vehicles are parked in them. Snow removal contractors can only remove the snow that they can get to. They will not be able to wait for vehicles to be moved to do a complete job as other customers may be waiting. Try to limit vehicles in the drive when snow is falling, and plowing is anticipated. Use the garage for parking vehicles whenever possible.
Properties with parking lots… If you have a garage, you MUST park in the garage, NOT in front of the garage. When you hear the equipment arrive, you must move your vehicle from the area immediately and be sure it is located where we are not working. We will not be responsible for any car left in an area that is being plowed. Any vehicles not removed, may be subject to being towed at the owner’s expense. Please try to park all cars next to each other to allow long gaps for equipment to get in to clean up the snow. If you are going to be away, please park in an out of the way location such as overflow parking areas. Please listen for the equipment and be ready to move your vehicles to help the operators. All parking lots should be cleared of vehicles when the snow removal equipment gets there!
We suggest that each home have a shovel on hand to clear walks and steps as needed. We cannot provide individual and immediate service to each home.
If there is something we have missed, please give us a call, but remember that when you are snowed in, we may also be snowed in. Your cooperation will make things better for everyone.
Historically, we have enjoyed the spirit of cooperation from most of our tenants. Many of you try to make our jobs easier and we appreciate that. Your cooperation and courteous consideration is valued! We will always work with you to give you the best possible service and we appreciate your help in extreme circumstances.
If you have any further questions regarding this matter, do not hesitate to contact us.